Employee Benefits

When it comes to employee benefits in today’s corporate world, business and human resource managers at companies of all sizes are being asked to do more:

  • Provide benefit programs that improve employee satisfaction and promote retention
  • Offer more robust benefits to attract prospective employees
  • Stay ahead of changing regulatory and compliance issues
  • Provide greater support on the day to day management of employee benefit plans

Individual & Business

Christ Taylor LLP brings decades of experience to our individual clients. We can tailor an individual insurance and benefits package that takes into account all your unique circumstances in such areas as:

  • Personal Life Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Retirement & Longevity Planning Strategies
  • Business Financial Strategies such as deferred compensation or executive benefits.

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Our Process

We use a unique benefits process called BluePrint that elevates the value created by every dollar spent on employee benefits.  We believe your company’s success is maximized when employees receive the appropriate resources and recognition.  That is why it is critical for us to begin every relationship by acquiring a deep understanding of your unique nature and needs.  Only then are we able to identify targeted solutions to help you protect and continuously elevate the relationship between your company and its employees.

Engagement in our process enables you to elevate:

  • The respect and trust employees feel for your company
  • Employee engagement and productivity
  • And the prosperity of your business.

When we first meet you, we don’t even know if our knowledge, capabilities and tools are relevant to your needs.  In order to make the best possible start, we ask you to make an investment of time to participate in an introductory meeting, complete an initial survey and confidential questionnaire.

Once completed, we will work with you to complete a discovery session where we assess your performance in five critical areas and clarify your most important goals.

Using what we learn, we then create a BluePrint which provides a three year strategic plan with the actions and timelines required to achieve your goals.  We will also present our toolbox in a manner that is relevant to your needs and goals.

Our Strategic Partner Relationship with Benefit Concepts, Inc., one of the largest employee benefits providers in Texas, gives us access to Elite Carrier Status and platinum service standards which affords us a distinct advantage for our clients.